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Healthy Tomorrow is a program designed to promote "common cause" between persons with and without disabilities. It has its origins in the Consumer Professional Partnership Program (CPPP), a consumer-directed education program for health care professionals and students. Whereas the CPPP focused on creating dialog and understanding between persons with disabilities and health care providers in clinical settings, Healthy Tomorrow turned its attention to interactions in early childhood when concepts of injury prevention, ability, disability, and inclusion are formed.

The rationale underlying the effort was that young children, due to their short life experience, constitute a virtual tabula rasa. Understanding of how persons with disabilities live and feel might be readily absorbed by young children. Conversely, older audiences have already-formed habits of thought and action requiring an additional step of reevaluated and reformation in light of new learning.

The History of Healthy Tomorrow

The Consumer Professional Partnership Program, CPPP 2003-2006

Disability Educators go to Preschool 2007

The Leap to Media 2008

Leave It! (The Movie) 2008

Print and Video Storybooks 2009

"How To" 2009

The move to ePUB formats and wireless, handheld devices 2010-2011

Healthy Tomorrow is supported by grants H133B031114 and H133N060028 from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
and by National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC.
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